Meet the GOP Enemies of Democracy

Meet the 603 and counting Republican state legislators who aided and abetted a movement to overthrow our democracy and hand Donald Trump another four years in the White House.

The Insurrectionists

While everyone on this website is an enemy of our democracy, this crew represents the worst of the absolute worst. These elected officials went to DC and proudly cheered on the riots that left five people dead, and at least one joined the mob that stormed the Capitol. We will not let them forget it.

Rep. David Eastman, Alaska
Rep. Mark Finchem, Arizona
Rep. Anthony Kern, Arizona (outgoing)
Rep. Richard Champion, Colorado (outgoing)
Rep. Ron Hanks, Colorado
Rep. Vernon Jones, Georgia (outgoing)
Rep. Chris Miller, Illinois

Del. Dan Cox, Maryland
Rep. Matt Maddock, Michigan
Rep. Justin Hill, Missouri
Assemblywoman Annie Black, Nevada
Sen. Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania
Rep. Justin Price, Rhode Island
Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver, Tennessee

Rep. Kyle Biedermann, Texas
Sen. Angela Paxton, Texas
Sen. Amanda Chase, Virginia
Del. Dave LaRock, Virginia
Sen. Mike Azinger, West Virginia
Del. Derrick Evans, West Virginia (resigned)

The Seditious Signatories

While they may not have directly participated in the rioting on Capitol Hill, these Republican lawmakers signed onto resolutions, letters or legal briefs calling to overturn the results of the electiona brazen attack on the foundation of our democracy. They might think they dodged a bullet by staying home on January 6th, but they fanned the flames of insurrection.

Rep. Andrew Sorrell, Alabama
Sen. Lora Reinbold, Alaska
Rep. Ben Carpenter, Alaska
Rep. Ron Gillham, Alaska
Rep. Christopher Kurka, Alaska
Rep. Kevin McCabe, Alaska
Rep. Tom McKay, Alaska
Rep. George Rauscher, Alaska
Rep. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, Alaska
Rep. Sarah Vance, Alaska
Majority Leader Warren Petersen, Arizona
Sen. Sylvia Allen, Arizona
Sen. Nancy Barto, Arizona
Sen. Sonny Borrelli, Arizona
Sen. Paul Boyer, Arizona
Sen. David Farnsworth, Arizona
Sen. David Gowan, Arizona
Sen. Kelly Townsend, Arizona
Rep. Brenda Barton, Arizona
Rep. Leo Biasiucci, Arizona
Rep. Walter Blackman, Arizona
Rep. Shawnna Bolick, Arizona
Rep. Judy Burges, Arizona
Rep. Noel Campbell, Arizona
Rep. Frank Carroll, Arizona
Rep. Joseph Chaplik, Arizona
Rep. David Cook, Arizona
Rep. John Fillmore, Arizona
Rep. Travis Grantham, Arizona
Rep. Jake Hoffman, Arizona
Rep. Quang Nguyen, Arizona
Rep. Jacqueline Parker, Arizona
Rep. Kevin Payne, Arizona
Rep. Steve Pierce, Arizona
Rep. Beverly Pingerelli, Arizona
Rep. Tony Rivero, Arizona
Rep. Bret Roberts, Arizona
Sen. Wendy Rogers, Arizona
Rep. Bob Thorpe, Arizona
Rep. Mary Bentley, Arkansas
Rep. Marcus Richmond, Arkansas
Rep. Brandt Smith, Arkansas
Rep. Robin Lundstrum, Arkansas
Rep. Jana Della Rosa, Arkansas
Rep. Nelda Speaks, Arkansas
Rep. Cindy Crawford, Arkansas
Rep. Rebecca Petty, Arkansas
Rep. Karilyn Brown, Arkansas
Rep. Laurie Rushing, Arkansas
Rep. Jack Ladyman, Arkansas
Rep. Mark Lowery, Arkansas
Rep. Josh Miller, Arkansas
Rep. Justin Gonzales, Arkansas
Rep. John Payton, Arkansas
Rep. Dan Sullivan, Arkansas
Rep. Jill Bryant, Arkansas
Rep. Stephen Meeks, Arkansas
Rep. Roger Lynch, Arkansas
Rep. Joe Cloud, Arkansas
Rep. Sopnia Eubanks Barker, Arkansas
Rep. Cameron Cooper, Arkansas
Rep. Lane Jean, Arkansas
Rep. Danny Watson, Arkansas
Rep. Johnny Rye, Arkansas
Sen. Trent Garner, Arkansas
Sen. Missy Irvin, Arkansas
Sen. Gary Stubblefield, Arkansas
Sen. Ronald Caldwell, Arkansas
Sen. Mark Johnson, Arkansas
Sen. Bob Ballinger, Arkansas
Sen. Terry Rice, Arkansas
Sen. Alan Clark, Arkansas
Sen. Jason Rapert, Arkansas
Sen. Scott Flippo, Arkansas
Sen. William Ligon, Georgia
Sen. Burt Jones, Georgia
Sen. Brandon Beach, Georgia
Sen. Greg Dolezal, Georgia
Sen. Bruce Thompson, Georgia
Sen. Matt Brass, Georgia
Sen. Blake Tillery, Georgia
Sen. Marty Harbin, Georgia
Sen. Lindsey Tippins, Georgia
Sen. Tyler Harper, Georgia
Sen. Randy Robertson, Georgia
Sen. Renee Unterman, Georgia
Sen. Jeff Mullis, Georgia
Sen. Steve Gooch, Georgia
Sen. Lee Anderson, Georgia
Sen. Sheila McNeill, Georgia
Rep. Jason Ridley, Georgia
Rep. Trey Rhodes, Georgia
Rep. Rick Williams, Georgia
Rep. Colton Moore, Georgia
Rep. Jeff Jones, Georgia
Rep. Don Hogan, Georgia
Rep. Wes Cantrell, Georgia
Rep. David Clark, Georgia
Rep. Bill Werkheiser, Georgia
Rep. Steven Meeks, Georgia
Rep. Greg Morris, Georgia
Rep. Sheri Gilligan, Georgia
House Speaker Scott Bedke, Idaho
Majority Leader Mike Moyle, Idaho
Assistant Majority Leader Jason Monks, Idaho
Caucus Chair Megan Blanksma, Idaho
Sen. Mary Souza, Idaho
Sen. Steven P. Thayn, Idaho
Sen. Steve Vick, Idaho
Sen. Christy Zito, Idaho
Sen. Regina Bayer, Idaho
Rep. Ben Adams, Idaho
Rep. Sage Dixon, Idaho
Rep. Terry Gestrin, Idaho
Rep. Priscilla Sue Giddings, Idaho
Rep. Karey Hanks, Idaho
Rep. Ryan Kerby, Idaho
Rep. Dorothy Moon, Idaho
Rep. Ronald M. Nate, Idaho
Rep. Heather Scott, Idaho
Rep. Bruce D. Skaug, Idaho
Rep. Charlie Shepherd, Idaho
Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger, Idaho
Rep. John Vander Woude, Idaho
Rep. Tony Wisniewski, Idaho
Rep. Julie K. Yamamoto, Idaho
Rep. Julianne Young, Idaho
Rep. Doug Okuniewicz, Idaho
Rep. Judy Boyle, Idaho
Rep. Tammy Nichols, Idaho
Rep. Ron Mendive, Idaho
Rep. Randy Armstrong, Idaho
Rep. David Cannon, Idaho
Rep. Wendy Horman, Idaho
Rep. Brent J. Crane, Idaho
Rep. Vito Barbieri, Idaho
Rep. Barbara Ehardt, Idaho
Rep. Marco Erickson, Idaho
Rep. Chad Christensen, Idaho
Rep. Brandon Mitchell, Idaho
Sen. Sharon Hewitt, Louisiana
Sen. Heather Cloud, Louisiana
Sen. Beth Sherman Mizell, Louisiana
Rep. Beryl Amedee, Louisiana
Rep. Rhonda Butler, Louisiana
Rep. Valarie Hodges, Louisiana
Rep. Raymond Crews, Louisiana
Rep. Kathy Edmonston, Louisiana
Rep. Phillip DeVillier, Louisiana
Rep. Michael Echols, Louisiana
Rep. Larry Frieman, Louisiana
Rep. Dodie Horton , Louisiana
Rep. Jack McFarland, Louisiana
Rep. Charles Owen , Louisiana
Rep. Alan Seabaugh, Louisiana
Rep. Richmond Edmonds, Louisiana
Rep. Foy Gadberry, Louisiana
Rep. Sherman Mack, Louisiana
Rep. Blake Miguez, Louisiana
Rep. Robert "Bob" Owen, Louisiana
Rep. Rodney Schamerhorn, Louisiana
Rep. Julie Emerson, Louisiana
Rep. Ray Garofalo, Louisiana
Rep. Danny McCormick, Louisiana
Rep. Joe Orgeron, Louisiana
Rep. Troy Romero, Louisiana
Rep. Tony Bacala, Louisiana
Rep. John Andrews, Maine
Rep. Julie Alexander, Michigan
Rep. Steve Carra, Michigan
Rep. Gary Eisen, Michigan
Rep. Beth Griffin, Michigan

Rep. Michele Hoitenga, Michigan
Rep. Greg Markkanen, Michigan
Rep. Jack O’Malley, Michigan
Rep. Brad Paquette, Michigan
Rep. John Reilly, Michigan
Rep. Daire Rendon, Michigan
Rep. Douglas Wozniak, Michigan
Rep. Rodney Wakeman, Michigan
Rep. Jeremy Munson, Minnesota
Rep. Dirk Deaton, Missouri
Rep. Bruce DeGroot, Missouri
Rep. John Simmons, Missouri
Rep. Ann Kelley, Missouri
Rep. Mike McGirl, Missouri
Rep. Derek Grier, Missouri
Rep. John Wiemann, Missouri
Rep. Bill Falkner, Missouri
Rep. Cody Smith, Missouri
Rep. Brad Hudson, Missouri
Rep. Chris Dinkins, Missouri
Rep. Dottie Bailey, Missouri
Rep. Hardy Billington, Missouri
Rep. Doug Richey, Missouri
Rep. Greg Sharpe, Missouri
Rep. Ben Baker, Missouri
Rep. Chuck Basye, Missouri
Rep. Robert Ross, Missouri
Rep. Jeff Knight, Missouri
Rep. Jeff Porter, Missouri
Rep. Jered Taylor, Missouri
Rep. Dan Shaul, Missouri
Rep. Sara Walsh, Missouri
Rep. Dan Stacy, Missouri
Rep. Andrew McDaniel, Missouri
Rep. Mike Moon, Missouri
Rep. Jack Bondon, Missouri
Rep. Rodger Reedy, Missouri
Rep. Jim Neely, Missouri
Rep. Tom Hurst, Missouri
Rep. Jeff Coleman, Missouri
Rep. Lynn Morris, Missouri
Rep. Dean Dohrman, Missouri
Rep. Jim Hansen, Missouri
Rep. Mike Haffner, Missouri
Rep. Don Mayhew, Missouri
Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer, Missouri
Rep. Bradley Pollitt, Missouri
Rep. Dan Houx, Missouri
Rep. Nick Schroer, Missouri
Majority Leader Rob Vescovo, Missouri
Rep. Randy Pietzman, Missouri
Rep. Scott Cupps, Missouri
Rep. Suzie Pollock, Missouri
Rep. Jim Murphy, Missouri
Rep. Curtis Trent, Missouri
Rep. Hannah Kelley, Missouri
Rep. Bryan Spencer, Missouri
Rep. Bill Kidd, Missouri
Rep. Tim Remole, Missouri
Rep. Travis Fitzwater, Missouri
Rep. Don Rone, Missouri
Rep. Dave Muntzel, Missouri
Rep. Shane Roden, Missouri
Rep. Jett Knight, Missouri
Rep. Nate Tate, Missouri
Rep. Mike Henderson, Missouri
Rep. Danny Busick, Missouri
Rep. Louis Riggs, Missouri
Rep. Kent Haden, Missouri
Rep. Jeff Messenger, Missouri
Rep. Dave Griffith, Missouri
Rep. Rusty Black, Missouri
Rep. Patricia Pike, Missouri
Rep. Dale Wright, Missouri
Rep. Allen Andrews, Missouri
Rep. Cheri Toalson-Reisch, Missouri
Rep. Phil Christofanelli, Missouri
Rep. Chrissy Summer, Missouri
Rep. Warren Love, Missouri
Rep. Wayne Wallingford, Missouri
Rep. Aaron Griescheimer, Missouri
Rep. Herman Morse, Missouri
Rep. Rick Francis, Missouri
Rep. Holly Rehder, Missouri
Rep. Craig Fishel, Missouri
Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, Missouri
Rep. David Gregory, Missouri
Rep. Jay Steagall, Oklahoma
Rep. Ty Burns, Oklahoma
Rep. Sherrie Conley, Oklahoma
Rep. Denise Crosswhite Hader, Oklahoma
Rep. Eddy Dempsey, Oklahoma
Rep. Mike Dobrinski, Oklahoma
Rep. Sheila Dills, Oklahoma
Rep. Tom Gann, Oklahoma
Rep. David Hardin, Oklahoma
Rep. Brian Hill, Oklahoma
Rep. Justin Humphrey, Oklahoma
Rep. Gerrid Kendrix, Oklahoma
Rep. TJ Marti, Oklahoma
Rep. Stan May, Oklahoma
Rep. Kevin McDugle, Oklahoma
Rep. Garry Mize, Oklahoma
Rep. Jim Olsen, Oklahoma
Rep. Randy Randleman, Oklahoma
Rep. Eric Roberts, Oklahoma
Rep. Sean Roberts, Oklahoma
Rep. Todd Russ, Oklahoma
Rep. David Smith, Oklahoma
Rep. Wendi Stearman, Oklahoma
Rep. Kevin West, Oklahoma
Sen. David Bullard, Oklahoma
Sen. Mark Allen, Oklahoma
Sen. Michael Bergstrom, Oklahoma
Sen. George Burns, Oklahoma
Sen. Nathan Dahm, Oklahoma
Sen. Chuck Hall, Oklahoma
Sen. Warren Hamilton, Oklahoma
Sen. Shane Jett, Oklahoma
Sen. James Leewright, Oklahoma
Sen. Casey Murdock, Oklahoma
Sen. Roland Pederson, Oklahoma
Sen. Cody Rogers, Oklahoma
Sen. Rob Standridge, Oklahoma
Sen. Blake Stephens, Oklahoma
Sen. Darrell Weaver, Oklahoma
Sen. Chuck Thomsen, Oregon
Sen. Dennis Linthicum, Oregon
Sen. Alan Olsen, Oregon
Sen. Kim Thatcher, Oregon
Rep. Bill Post, Oregon
Rep. Vikki Breese-Iverson, Oregon
Rep. Greg Barreto, Oregon
Rep. David Brock Smith, Oregon
Rep. Gary Leif, Oregon
Rep. Mike Nearman, Oregon
Rep. E. Werner Reschke, Oregon
Rep. Bobby Levy, Oregon
Rep. Rob Kauffman, Pennsylvania
Rep. Steven Mentzer, Pennsylvania
Rep. Michael Peifer, Pennsylvania
Rep. James Gregory, Pennsylvania
Rep. Perry Stambaugh, Pennsylvania
Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar, Pennsylvania
Rep. Barbara Gleim, Pennsylvania
Rep. Martina White, Pennsylvania
Rep. Mike Jones, Pennsylvania
Rep. Curt Sonney, Pennsylvania
Rep. Donna Oberlander, Pennsylvania
Rep. Dawn Keefer, Pennsylvania
Rep. Thomas Sankey, Pennsylvania
Rep. Dan Moul, Pennsylvania
Rep. Brett Miller, Pennsylvania
Rep. Greg Rothman, Pennsylvania
Rep. David Hickernell, Pennsylvania
Rep. Tim Hennessey, Pennsylvania
Rep. Martin Causer, Pennsylvania
Rep. Rich Irvin, Pennsylvania
Rep. Jonathan Fritz, Pennsylvania
Rep. George Dunbar, Pennsylvania
Rep. Matt Dowling, Pennsylvania
Rep. Lee James, Pennsylvania
Rep. Marci Mustello, Pennsylvania
Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, Pennsylvania
Rep. Brad Roae, Pennsylvania
Rep. David Millard, Pennsylvania
Rep. David H. Zimmerman, Pennsylvania
Rep. Francis X. Ryan, Pennsylvania
Rep. Valerie S. Gaydos, Pennsylvania
Rep Stephanie P. Borowicz, Pennsylvania
Rep. Jerome P. Knowles, Pennsylvania
Rep. Rosemary M. Brown, Pennsylvania

Rep. Joseph D. Hamm, Pennsylvania
Rep. Michael J. Armanini, Pennsylvania
Rep. Keith J. Greiner, Pennsylvania
Rep. Brian Smith, Pennsylvania
Rep. Tara C. Toohill, Pennsylvania
Rep. Aaron D. Kaufer, Pennsylvania
Rep. Jack B. Rader, Pennsylvania
Rep. Jeff C. Wheeland, Pennsylvania
Rep. James P. Rigby, Pennsylvania
Rep. Zachary A. Mako, Pennsylvania
Rep. Joseph Emrick, Pennsylvania
Rep. Gary W. Day, Pennsylvania
Rep. Sue C. Helm, Pennsylvania
Rep. Timothy R. Bonner, Pennsylvania
Rep. Torren C. Ecker, Pennsylvania
Rep. Lynda J. Schegel Culver, Pennsylvania
Rep. Parke H. Wentling, Pennsylvania
Rep. Mike P. Reese, Pennsylvania
Rep. Tracy Pennycuik, Pennsylvania
Rep. Joshua D. Kail, Pennsylvania
Rep. Karen Boback, Pennsylvania
Rep. Joseph P. Kerwin, Pennsylvania
Rep. Keith Gillespie, Pennsylvania
Rep. Ann Flood, Pennsylvania
Rep. Jeff Pyle, Pennsylvania
Rep. John Hershey, Pennsylvania
Rep. Cris Dush, Pennsylvania
Rep. Paul Schemel, Pennsylvania
Rep. Eric Davanzo, Pennsylvania
Rep. Jesse Topper, Pennsylvania
Rep. Mindy Fee, Pennsylvania
Rep. Craig Staats, Pennsylvania
Rep. Mark Gillen, Pennsylvania
Rep. David Maloney, Pennsylvania
Rep. Lou Schmitt, Pennsylvania
Rep. Doyle Heffley, Pennsylvania
Rep. Kathy Rapp, Pennsylvania
Rep. Eric Nelson, Pennsylvania
Rep. Aaron Bernstine, Pennsylvania
Rep. Ryan Warner, Pennsylvania
Rep. Clint Owlett, Pennsylvania
Rep. David Rowe, Pennsylvania
Rep. Tina Pickett, Pennsylvania
Rep. Bud Cook, Pennsylvania
Rep. Kate Klunk, Pennsylvania
Rep. Jim Cox, Pennsylvania
Rep. Bryan Cutler, Pennsylvania
Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, Pennsylvania
Sen. Pat Stefano, Pennsylvania
Rep. Joe Pittman, Pennsylvania
Rep. Dave Arnold, Pennsylvania
Rep. Mike Regan, Pennsylvania
Rep. Judy Ward, Pennsylvania
Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill, Pennsylvania
Rep. Seth Grove, Pennsylvania
Rep. Liz May, South Dakota
Rep. Tony Randolph, South Dakota
Rep. Tina Mulally, South Dakota
Rep. Nancy York, South Dakota
Sen. Larry Zikmund, South Dakota
Rep. Carl Perry, South Dakota
Rep. Randy Gross, South Dakota
Rep. Tom Brunner, South Dakota
Rep. Kaleb Weis, South Dakota
Rep. Doug Post, South Dakota
Rep. Julie Frye-Mueller, South Dakota
Rep. Aaron Aylward, South Dakota
Rep. Charlie Hoffman, South Dakota
Sen. Lance Russell, South Dakota
Rep. Isaac Latterell, South Dakota
Rep. Lana Greenfield, South Dakota
Rep. Steve Hausgaard, South Dakota
Rep. Marli Wiese, South Dakota
Rep. Steve Livermont, South Dakota
Rep. Phil Jensen, South Dakota
Rep. Scyller Borglum, South Dakota
Rep. Drew Dennert, South Dakota
Rep. Sam Marty, South Dakota
Rep. Tom Pischke , South Dakota
Rep. Taffy Howard, South Dakota
Rep. Kevin Jensen, South Dakota
Rep. Tim Goodwin, South Dakota
Rep. Bruce Griffey, Tennessee
Rep. Clay Doggett, Tennessee
Rep. Pat Marsh, Tennessee
Rep. Bud Hulsey, Tennessee
Rep. Kent Calfee, Tennessee
Rep. Jerry Sexton, Tennessee
Rep. Dennis Powers, Tennessee
Rep. Dan Howell, Tennessee
Rep. Esther Helton, Tennessee
Rep. Glen Casada, Tennessee
Rep. Tim Rudd, Tennessee
Rep. John Crawford, Tennessee
Rep. Justin Lafferty, Tennessee
Rep. Rick Eldridge, Tennessee
Rep. John Ragan, Tennessee
Rep. Mary Littleton, Tennessee
Rep. Mark Hall, Tennessee
Sen. Janice Bowling, Tennessee
Sen. Mark Pody, Tennessee
Sen. Paul Bailey, Tennessee
Sen. Joey Hensley, Tennessee
Sen. Frank Niceley, Tennessee
Del. Ronnie Campbell, Virginia
Del. Mark Cole, Virginia
Rep. Robert J. Sutherland, Washington
Rep. Jim Walsh, Washington
Rep. Jesse L. Young, Washington
Del. Charles Horst, West Virginia
Rep. Janel Brandtjen, Wisconsin
Rep. Robert Brooks, Wisconsin
Rep. Rick Gundrum, Wisconsin
Rep. Cody Horlacher, Wisconsin
Sen. André Jacque, Wisconsin
Rep. Dan Knodl, Wisconsin
Rep. Gae Magnafici, Wisconsin
Rep. Dave Murphy, Wisconsin
Rep. Jeff Mursau, Wisconsin
Rep. Timothy Ramthun, Wisconsin
Rep. Shae Sortwell, Wisconsin
Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Wisconsin
Rep. Chuck Wichgers, Wisconsin
Sen. Bo Biteman, Wyoming
Senate Majority Floor Leader Dan Dockstader, Wyoming
Senate Vice President Ogden Driskill, Wyoming
Sen. Cheri Steinmetz, Wyoming
Sen. Dave Kinskey, Wyoming
Sen. Larry Hicks, Wyoming
Sen. Glenn Moniz, Wyoming
Sen. Affie Ellis, Wyoming
Sen. Lynn Hutchings, Wyoming
Sen. Tom James, Wyoming
Sen. Anthony Bouchard, Wyoming
Sen. Troy McKeown, Wyoming
Sen. Tim French, Wyoming
Rep. and Sen. Tim Salazar, Wyoming
Rep. Mike Greear, Wyoming
Rep. Tom Walters, Wyoming
Rep. Dan Laursen, Wyoming
Rep. Clarence Styvar, Wyoming
Rep. Landon Brown, Wyoming
Rep. Bill Henderson, Wyoming
Rep. Scott Clem, Wyoming
Rep. David Miller, Wyoming
Rep. Chuck Gray, Wyoming
Rep. Mark Jennings, Wyoming
Rep. Mark Kinner, Wyoming
Rep. Mark Baker, Wyoming
Rep. John Bear, Wyoming
Rep. Scott Heiner, Wyoming
Rep. Ocean Andrew, Wyoming
Rep. Jeremy Haroldson, Wyoming
Rep. Rachel Rodriguez-Williams, Wyoming
Rep. Chip Neiman, Wyoming
Senate President Drew Perkins, Wyoming
Sen. Wyatt Agar, Wyoming
Sen. Brian Boner, Wyoming
Sen. Wendy Schuler, Wyoming
Sen. John Kolb, Wyoming
Sen. Ed Cooper, Wyoming
Rep. Aaron Clausen, Wyoming
Rep. John Winter, Wyoming
Rep. Christopher Knapp, Wyoming
Rep. Jim Blackburn, Wyoming
Rep. Hans Hunt, Wyoming
Rep. Sue Wilson, Wyoming
Rep. Sandy Newsome, Wyoming
Rep. Tim Hallinan, Wyoming
Rep. Bob Wharff, Wyoming
Rep. Pepper Ottman, Wyoming

The #StopTheSteal Superspreaders

Republican officials at all levels of the ballot gladly helped spread lies about Joe Biden’s victory, entertaining the fantasy of rigged elections that inspired so many hard-core supporters to storm the Capitol. By sharing those lies with their supporters, they engaged in mass deception and undermined the foundations of our democracy.

Rep. Wes Allen, Alabama
Sen. David Livingston, Arizona
Sen. President Pro Tempore Vince Leach, Arizona
Sen. Warren Petersen, Arizona
Sen. Shannon Grove, California
Rep. Dave Williams, Colorado
Rep. Anthony Sabatini, Florida
Sen. Joe Gruters, Florida
Rep. Dave Belton, Georgia
Rep. Ed Setzler, Georgia
Rep. Chad Christensen, Idaho
Rep. Karey Hanks, Idaho
Rep. Tammy Nichols, Idaho
Rep. Ryan Lauer, Indiana
Rep. Kimberly King, Kentucky
Sen. Jay Morris, Louisiana
Sen. Stewart Cathey, Louisiana
Del. Matt Morgan, Maryland
Rep. Beau LaFave, Michigan

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, Minnesota
Rep. Robert Foster, Mississippi
Rep. Jeff Shawan, Missouri
Sen. Bob Onder, Missouri
Sen. Eric Burlison, Missouri
Rep. Steve Gunderson, Montana
Sen. Theresa Manzella, Montana
Assemblymember Jim Wheeler, Nevada
Rep. Al Baldasaro, New Hampshire
Rep. Glenn Cordelli, New Hampshire
Rep. Jordan Ulery, New Hampshire
Rep. Richard Littlefield, New Hampshire
Rep. Cathrynn Brown, New Mexico
Assemblymember Kieran Michael Lalor, New York
Rep. Kelly Hastings, North Carolina
Sen. Warren Daniel, North Carolina
Rep. Paul Zeltwanger, Ohio
Rep. Scott Wiggam, Ohio
Sen. Terry Johnson, Ohio

Rep. Russ Diamond, Pennsylvania
Rep. Stewart Jones, South Carolina
Rep. Robin Smith, Tennessee
Sen. John Stevens, Tennessee
Rep. Briscoe Cain, Texas
Rep. James White, Texas
Rep. Jared Patterson, Texas
Rep. Jonathan Stickland, Texas
Rep. Mike Lang, Texas
Rep. Steve Toth, Texas
Sen. Brandon Creighton, Texas
Sen. Kelly Hancock, Texas
Del. Glenn Davis, Virginia
Del. John McGuire, Virginia
Rep. Matt Shea, Washington
Del. Chris Pritt, West Virginia
Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, Wisconisn